The Final News Statement (on the web)

Dear beloved fans of our news page,

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will no longer be posting news to our website. the news page as it exists now will most likely be taken down on or before July 7th, as a slight website re-design is underway here at infinitymoonproductions.com. All of these posts will be archived, and if you want a copy, please contact us ASAP! Look for news in the future to appear via social media on the sidebar, or somewhere on the website’s main page. You can also view our Facebook page for more updates.


– The IMP Team


The Final Bicameral Statement
Tues. June 20, 2017
11:00 AM

We have decided to close the “two house” division of Infinity Moon Productions this coming July: Bicameral Productions.

Founded in 2013 (just one year after Infinity Moon Productions), Bicameral Productions was a label first given to our Golden Moon Award winning film “The Target.”

Bicameral, meaning “two house,” represented any movie Infinity Moon Productions did in conjunction with Collin Little, our neighbor and long time friend. For years we have collaborated on projects ranging from spy action movies to goofy heist comedies.

His days in this area are through for now though, he moved with his family to Florida early this June, soon after our graduation.

We are retiring the name Bicameral Productions as a sort of tribute to everything we did together, so that it may stand alone and be recognized for the incredible journey it was.

This does not signify the end of Infinity Moon Productions, and it does not mean the end of our semi-frequent videos here at IMP. It represents the end of an era of filmmaking so unique and unequivocally “us,” it has touched generations (yes, Reilly’s friends often quote our videos such as “The Pocket Calock-It”). We truly did make our own Hollywood, right in our backyards.

To round out Bicameral Productions long list of films, look for an upcoming Harrowing Heistman Fails video and one last look back at years of backyard cinematic excellence.

As always, stay tuned for more IMP updates via our news page at infinitymoonproductions.com or  @infinitymoon12 on twitter.

Best of luck to you in all your future endeavors,

– The Bicameral Productions and IMP Teams, GMA Council, and IMP fans everywhere…


JB Arbogast, founder & CEO of IMP



12/1/16 – LET IT SNOW! The IMP team has worked hard to gift to you the spirit of the holidays! Our theme will remain holiday themed until Jan. 4th, and will include live countdowns to Christmas and New Year’s. Also stay tuned for more info on the 2016 Holiday Show (#PMhs9), presented by WPAC Channel 17 News Pmill. Enjoy, and get in the spirit with infinitymoonproductions.com today!

11/17/16 –

Today my long time coach and fellow Red Devil, the man who started the franchise that touched so many, passed away suddenly. And all I can think is

I should have been at my brother’s championship. I could have heard his booming voice one last time. 

If only I had been. The thing is, Coach Fred was so much more than Fred N. of the Bel Air Rec program. He was a legend. From the very first practice I had with him I knew he was different than my past coaches. I knew I had become part of much more than a soccer team. I had become a member of his family.

I was right. And he was the best coach a kid or a parent could dream of, and so much more.

And if there’s one thing that he said that comes to my mind it’s that before a game that looked as though the weather wasn’t going to be so great, Coach said “well hopefully the soccer gods will be on our side” or “hopefully the soccer gods will give us some good weather.”

And they did.

Well, most of the time anyway.

And I know in my heart that today, here and now, Fred sits somewhere up there, right alongside those soccer gods.

So whenever it’s that tournament weekend in November, whenever you see the golden autumn sun setting over Rockfield Park, whenever there’s an approaching thunderstorm, whenever you see a double rainbow over our home turf, whenever you have the perfect weather for a game under Friday night’s lights, know this:

 Thunder is him hollering “LIGHTNING!” to tell us to get off the field. The sunset is him telling us practice is over. The rainbow is an excuse for the sky to wear the color red. Because way up above the clouds in the sky sits soccer god Fred. Watching out for us all, now and forever. -The IMP Team

11/13/16 – Hey PS4 Community, guess what comes out today? Operation Red Crow, the fourth and final year one DLC in Rainbow Six Siege! Check out our “Infinity Moon Productions Customers” community only on PS4 for more info. Enjoy!

10/27/16 – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! To help do our part in raising awareness, we’re dedicating our theme to the cause and all it represents to us here at IMP, the community, and all of those who’s lives have been  by this terrible disease.

10/18/16 – We here at IMP are so proud of how the community has come together in Isaac’s name. In his honor, we dedicate our theme to him until the day he is laid to rest, and will commemorate his life by displaying the following image at the bottom of our website now and forever…



10/17/16 – A chilling sadness flows throughout PMHS and the surrounding community today as we mourn the loss of Isaac. He was considered to be a “gentle giant,” in the words of some of his friends. There was a vigil held for him last night, and posters now line the walls of the athletic hallway. IMP stands with the community and offers it’s full condolences and support to the Pfarr family.

We’ll keep you in our prayers. Fly high Isaac.



10/16/16 – Overnight last night, Patterson Mill HS football player Isaac Pfarr died at age 17. He died of a seizure in his sleep the night after PMHS’s Homecoming Dance. More updates to come as IMP learns more details surrounding this tragedy.

7/8/16 – Today infinitymoonproductions.com’s theme is dedicated not only to the fallen officers in Dallas and their families, but to police officers everywhere who routinely put their lives on the line to protect all people.

6/6/16 – Today IMP officially rolled out the guidelines for the DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone that was recently purchased. Here is the link to the official rules & info packet:  Infinity Moon Productions OFFICIAL DRONE POLICY

5/15/16 – Today’s theme is dedicated to Philip & the confirmation of his faith! The Arbogast household will be hosting a lunch after the service and IMP will be there handing out 2015 GMA results. Be there!

5/14/16 – The 2015 GMA results will be officially released tonight at 9:00 pm under our “GMA Voting” page. Check them out now! Also, congrats to Philip on his confirmation tomorrow!!! 🙂

4/12/16 – We’re back to inform you that there are several new features coming to IMP customers this spring, including a PS4 Community (called “Infinity Moon Productions Customers”), Spanish programming (found under our “Videos” tab), and a new news update widget that has been added to the website’s sidebar. Check out all these features and more today, and stay tuned for 2015 GMA results and a possible Harrowing Heistman Fails video as requested. Enjoy!

4/11/16 – We return from the absence of anything new with a bit of bad news; the 2015 Golden Moon Awards Ceremony has been officially canceled. At last update, we were hoping to hold the ceremony in Feb. 2016, but that never happened. Realistically, we cannot continue to drag out 2015 and have decided to let this one go and move onto the 2016 GMAs, which will be held this Spring/Summer of 2016.  The 2015 results will still be posted in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. Thanks for your patience through one of the busiest years in IMP’s short history… – The IMP Team

12/18/15 – On the first day of Christmas Hollywood gave to me, a Star Wars moooovie!!! Enjoy our special theme dedicated to “The Force Awakens” and may the force be with you. TGIF.

12/17/15 – We here at the IMP Team regret to inform you that the 2015 GMAs not be able to actually be held in 2015. We thank everybody for their participation in the voting, and we assure you that THIS IS NOT A TOTAL CANCELLATION, but merely yet another push back due to the ever-evolving construction project that is the Arbogast Theater. Our plan as of now is to postpone the ’15 GMAs to January of 2016, and possibly push back the ’16 GMAs to March or April 2016. Happy Holidays, and may the force be with you all (STAR WARS COMES TOMORROW!!!).

12/16/15 – BREAKING NEWS:  The jury in the trial of officer William Porter has been unable to come to a decision and has been declared a “hung jury.” No word yet if prosecutors will attempt to try again, or if they will move the trial location.

11/25/15 – Check out our new release: “The Harrowing Heistman.” It’s sure to have you laughing so hard that you might pee a little. Viewer discretion is advised.

11/14/15 –
Death toll is still at 128. Today IMP dedicates its website theme to all who lost their lives in the unprecedented attacks on France, and the first responders who put their lives on the line to save hundreds of innocent lives.
Nos cœurs sont avec vous tous en France.
-l’équipe Productions Infini de Lune (The IMP Team)

11/13/15 – Friday the 13th & World Kindness Day.
Paris, France has been attacked by a terrorist organization (maybe ISIS). Local Paris news organizations are now reporting that there are 6-7 locations under attack, including one ongoing attack at an American rock concert in a french theater. The death toll is currently at 128. Our hearts here at IMP are with all in Paris tonight.

9/6/15 – The GMAs for 2015 will hopefully happen some time soon, but for now the date is still T.B.D., nearly 7 months after the 2015 Final Voting began. Thank you for the support through this difficult time. Please continue to vote and get ready for the (eventual & very late) Golden Moon Awards!

9/5/15 – Check out our new video “The Target: Fails.” It’s sure to have you rolling on the floor laughing within minutes! Be aware, it’s rated PG for the following reasons: Language, Blood and Gore, & Violence. All offensive language has been bleeped out for your semi-kid friendly enjoyment!

8/18/15 – infinitymoonproductions.com’s premium membership has officially been renewed. Keep watching and voting and comenting all you like!

8/15/15 – The GMAs are most likely going to be held soon! The second anual awards show has been long awaited, as it was originally scheduled for February 2015. After much needed renovations to the ceremony location, Infinity Moon Productions is looking forward to a very late Golden Moon Awards. Thanks, and keep voting…                                                        – The GMA Council

8/12/15 – Infinity Moon Productions is likely to renew the $99 per year wordpress premium membership, allowing for the continuation of custom web design, domain mapping, and secure video services on infinitymoonproductions.com. An update will come by 8/19/15 stating the details of the renewal or possible non-renewal.

6/8/15 – Terrapin, the first movie in the Sector Six series has now been released in DVD and internet format! It can be found now on our videos page. Enjoy! BE SURE TO WATCH UNTIL THE VERY END!

6/7/15 – Infinity Moon Productions is proud to announce that the first film in the Sector Six series featuring Terrapin, Blade, Fairy, and other characters from the original Sector Six stories is going to be released tomorrow, 6/8/15 at 8 PM! Also, IMP is working towards a summer GMAs, so keep checking for more updates on that, Sector Six, and Dare to Dream Live, all coming soon!

4/10/15 – Infinity Moon Productions is ready to pursue the idea of “Dare to Dream Live”, a show featuring short skits much like those seen on “Saturday Night Live” on NBC. Check for more updates coming soon here on our news feed!

4/4/15 – Bicameral Productions is in the planning stages of a new action movie! Stay tuned for more updates and for casting and crew positions.

3/14/15 – The book trailer that IMP entered into the HCPL Film This! contest did not place in first, second, third, or the “people’s choice” category. The process of making the film was still worth the fun. Kudos to those who won (click the links below to view the videos):

1st: James and the Giant Peach – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHTpkWJ7y10
2nd: The Grinch – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfMtgF5ySgk
3rd: Night – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvYCOg3lCMo
People’s Choice: Night – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvYCOg3lCMo

All of the videos entered were creative and great in their own ways. I encourage you to watch all of them. Search “HCPL Film This 2015” on YouTube. Special thanks to Harford County Public Library for hosting this great contest!

3/1/15 – Infinity Moon Productions has entered a book trailer video into the HCPL Film This! film contest. Results will be posted here on our news page on 3/14/15. Keep voting for the GMAs!

2/3/15 – Keep voting people! So far The TARGET is ahead 2 to 0 as “Best Film” and Alyssa Coutts is ahead 1 to 0 as “Best Actor”





1/25/15 – Just 1 week until primary voting opens; and guess what IMP has to offer? Old, not new videos! While going through some files on an old computer save, the IMP Team found our oldest videos that were shot in 2007 – 2010! Before Infinity Moon Productions was even a thing! They may be quality lacking, but it is kind of cool to look back on what started it all. Enjoy!

1/18/15 – There is only 14 days until GMA voting opens! Check out our new release: Discati Golf!

1/17/15 – There is only 15 days until primary Golden Moon Awards primary voting! Check out the latest GMA updates at our GMA Voting page.

1/2/15 – It’s the second day of 2015 and finally Infinity Moon Productions has decided to release the full 2014 Golden Moon Awards & The Twilight Spoof Bloopers! Enjoy and get ready for next month’s 2015 GMAs.

1/1/15 – Happy new year from the IMP Team! Only 1 month to go until the GMA Primary Voting opens ONLINE ONLY.

12/25/14 – Merry Christmas from the IMP Team! Our gift to you is two new films; AND an IMPTV Special!

12/9/14 – Infinity Moon Productions announces a team up with Immortalsixstudios$ for a Holiday Film.

10/30/14 – The Pocket Calock-it hits the market.

9/2/14 – The second episode of IMPTV’s new hit TV show Midnight Titans airs tonight at 10:00pm.

8/31/14 – Infinity Moon Productions opens infinitymoonproductions.com.

8/19/14 – Our beloved pet of three years has died. R.I.P. Pippa, we loved you.

7/22/14 – IMPTV’s new hit TV show Midnight Titans airs tonight at 7:30pm.

11/20/12 – Infinity Moon Productions is open!