Were sorry, The 2015 Golden Moon Awards Final Voting is CLOSED. The full results are posted below. Check back Summer 2016 for The 2016 Golden Moon Awards Primary Voting.

The 2015 Results:


Best Camera Angle Input – Collin Little
Best Attitude on Set – Alex Coutts
Best Line Improvising – Alyssa Coutts
Best Director/Editor – JB Arbogast
Best Death – Joe Nash
Best Kill – Collin Little
Best Cameraman – Julia Arbogast
Best Short Film Actor – Reilly Arbogast
Best Long Film Actor – Philip Arbogast
Best Fight Scene Actor – Collin Little
Best Actor for Emotional Moments – Audrey Stagg
Funniest Actor – John Stagg
Best Actor to Mess up Stuff – John Stagg
Best Sports Film Actor – Joe Arbogast
Best Music Film Actor – Tommy Stagg
Best Main Actor – JB Arbogast
Best Minor Actor – Ryan Dunning

Best Actor 2015 –
3rd Place – (Tie) Philip Arbogast & Collin Little with 0 votes (0% each).
2nd Place – (Tie) Alyssa Coutts & Ryan Dunning with 1 vote (25% each).
1st Place – JB Arbogast with 2 votes (50%).


Best Commercial Parody – The Pocket Calock-It
Film With the Best Music – The Target
Worst Film – The Funnies Show
Film With the Worst FX – Gangnam Style
Film With the Worst Camerawork – The Billy Bob Joe Show
Best Short Film – Pippa; 3 Years a Pig
Best Long Film – The 2014 Golden Moon Awards (GMAs)
Film With the Best FX – The Target
Best Action Film – The Target
Most Emotional Film – Pippa; 3 Years a Pig
Funniest Film – Discati Golf (DISC Golfing Championship)
Best Sports Film – Discati Golf (DISC Golfing Championship)
Best News Film – EANN News III
Best Music Film – Electric City
Best Camerawork – The Pocket Calock-It

Best Overall Film –
3rd Place – Midnight Titans Episode 2 with 0 votes (0%).
2nd Place – Wine Reviews with 1 vote (25%).
1st Place – The Target with 3 votes (75%).